Bill Gates Gives The World The Finger. And It Still Has His Wedding Ring On It!

Okay, this is weird.  Even for Bill Gates. 

The much maligned billionaire who is going through an extremely public divorce from his wife Melinda with a $130 billion fortune being divided up, made his first public appearance since the divorce announcement and get this; he was wearing his wedding ring. 

Seems a bit odd, since the divorce is going full steam ahead, and judging from what reports say about how things are going it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance, or desire, for reconciliation. 

The co-founder of Microsoft participated in what was called an “armchair conversation” with the CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce.  They discussed global economic recovery following COVID-19. 

That’s all fine and dandy, but back to the wedding ring. 

Bill is animated with his arms when he’s talking, so it was clear as day the ring is still there on his left hand. 

Is it stuck? Did he forget to take it off? Is it a cryptic signal to someone? 

Bill has been hiding out since the announcement of the split at an exclusive golf resort in the Palm Springs area where one of 354 mansions is located. 

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