Bill Gates Money Manager Made Him A Fortune. But Now The Spotlight Is On Him, As Ex-Employees Speak Out.

FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, file photo, Philanthropist and Co-Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates gestures as he speaks to the audience during the Global Fund to Fight AIDS event at the Lyon's congress hall, central France. Despite damaging allegations suggesting Bill Gates pursued women who worked for him, don't expect changes to his roles at the two iconic institutions he co-founded, Microsoft and his namesake philanthropic foundation, raising accountability concerns from critics. (Ludovic Marin/Pool Photo via AP, File)

If we’re learning anything about Bill Gates we didn’t know as his divorce with wife Melinda becomes public it’s this: he seemed to hang around a rather high number of reported creeps. 

Jeffrey Epstein being at the top of the list, but now allegations about Gates’ money manager of over 27 years are coming out. 

According to people who worked with and around Michael Larson, he was boss described as “cruel,” who disparaged female employees and went scorched earth on others who left his firm Cascade Investment. 

According to former employees Larson fostered a culture of fear in the workplace, and the details are coming fast and furious. 

One incident reported spoke of Larson sharing photos of nude women he had on his phone with other employees, and allegedly compared those pics to the cead of HR at his firm. 

The New York Times wrote the first story that depicted some of Larson’s alleged behavior.  Another episode that one employee said happened was when Larson was sitting outdoors with a group of male employees after a Christmas party.  There were three of their female colleagues about 20 feet away.  Larson allegedly said to the men “Which one of them do you wanna have sex with?”

Another alleged incident occurred when Larson asked a woman at the firm if she would strip for a certain amount of money. 

Larson’s spokesperson Chris Giglio told the NYT that Larson was not the person they portrayed him to be in the story. 

“During his tenure, Mr. Larson has managed over 380 people, and there have been fewer than five complaints related to him in total. Any complaint was investigated and treated seriously and fully examined, and none merited Mr. Larson’s dismissal.

Larson also issued a statement to the Times, saying in part: “Years ago, earlier in my career, I used harsh language that I would not use today. I regret this greatly but have done a lot of work to change.”

One thing that can’t be disputed is this; Larson grew an incredible fortune for the Gates family. 

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