Those Fries You Eat At McDonald’s Might Come From Farm Land Owned By Bill Gates.

Technically, he’s the richest farmer in the world, capable of owning a closet full of Armani bib overalls, a pitchfork custom made by Tiffany’s, and he could buy the most expensive tractor on the planet and throw it away after one use and then buy another the any other day he needs one. 

Bill Gates has accumulated over 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states through his Cascade Investments group.

Not only is Gates (and Melinda) the largest private farm land owners in the U.S., they also were huge investors in companies that are behind large-scale farming operations like Monsanto and John Deere. 

Gates has said he did not actively seek out to become a huge farm land owner, and it has nothing to do with his philanthropic endeavors and desire to save the environment. The decisions were made by his investment group Bill once said. 

“My investment group chose to do this. How to Avoid A Climate Disaster. It is not connected to climate.”

NBC reported that a lot of the food that Americans eat grows on Gateses’ farms.  On land they own in Georgia, carrots and onions are grown which end up in grocery stores and restaurants. 

On land the Gates’ own along the Columbia River border between Oregon and Washington potatoes are grown that become McDonald’s French fries. 


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