Big Day For Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: He Celebrates 200 Million Subscribers With Takeout From Denny’s.

Reed Hastings is one of the most successful, and respected CEO’s in America.

One of the reasons why, is his perceived lack of over-the-top ego. How many household name, rockstar CEO’s have the humility to actually step aside a little bit, and name a Co-CEO, as Hastings did recently in his promotion of Content Chief Ted Sarandos?

The working relationship between the CEO’s, coupled with the culture created by Hastings, combined with a world that has been stuck at home a whole lot recently and in need of great streaming content has propelled Netflix to the top of the heap of OTT streaming companies.

Their stock price along is up over $80 from Tuesday, currently at $582 thanks to an earnings report that Tuesday that revealed they have eclipsed 200 million subscribers worldwide.

Here’s another reason Hastings is well-liked and respected; he doesn’t take himself too seriously. To celebrate the milestone of 200 million subscribers Hastings treated himself to takeout from Denny’s.

By choice! Not only that, he marked the occasion with a big smile, a peek at his grand slam meal, and a photo he posted on Instagram.

For an executive that founded a company now worth over $256 billion, and could afford to buy an entire restaurant chain with money he might be storing in his mattress, its fun to see him taking pleasure as something as simple as Denny’s on Demand.

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