“Thanks, But No Thanks.” Jeff Bezos Gives Invite From Bernie Sanders To Come To A Senate Hearing On Income Inequality A Hard Pass.

Could two people be more of a polar opposite?

Jeff Bezos is the ultimate capitalist.  He risked everything to start a business, turn it into a $2 trillion company, changed the world with it and become the richest person in the world in the process. 

Sanders is a lifelong politician, paid by the federal government, and is not a fan of wealthy people, no matter how they made their money. 

Sanders is the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and he extended an invitation to Bezos to appear in front of that committee to be part of a hearing on March 17. The topic? Income inequality. 

In a tweet, Sanders said ”I have invited Jeff Bezos to testify in the Budget Committee next week to explain to the American people why he thinks it’s appropriate for him to spend a whole lot of money denying economic dignity to workers at Amazon, while he has become $78 billion richer during the pandemic.”

No doubt Bezos is in the group of people who have profited big time during the pandemic, and Amazon has taken heat as a company for some of their labor practices during the pandemic. 

Un-surprisingly, Bezos took a pass on Bernie’s invite. 

For one day C-Span would have become “Must See TV” if Bezos had said yes. 

The title of the hearing alone is captivating; “The Income and Wealth Inequality Crisis in America.”  One of the headliners will be Jennifer Bates, an Amazon worker in Alabama where employees are trying to form a union. 

Sanders frequently rails on Amazon, and what he perceives is a dangerous app disparity between top executives and the workers who pack and deliver packages. 

He played a role of Amazon increasing their minimum wage to $15 per hour back in 2018. 

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