Beloved Mexican Music Icon Vicente Fernandez Dies At The Age Of 81

Beloved Mexican Music Icon Vicente Fernandez Dies At The Age Of 81.

Fans worldwide are mourning the passing of Vicente Fernandez, one of the most accomplished and beloved singers in Mexico who sold over 65 million albums during his distinguished career.

Known to many by his nickname “Chente,” Fernandez was an inspiration to a generation of singers who wanted to emulate his unique style where he blended ranchera and mariachi music.  The 81-year old won eight Latin Grammy’s during his incredible career and produced popular hits, including El Roy, Volver, and Lastima Que seas ajena.

Fernandez’s family released a statement on Instagram that praised the iconic Mexican legend.

“It was an honor and great pride to share with everyone a great musical career and give everything for the audience. Thank you for continuing to applaud; thank you for continuing to sing.”

Mexico’s culture secretary honored Fernandez with this statement he posted on Twitter.

“One of the most important artists of Mexican popular culture, the undisputed symbol of ranchera music, dies. A million mariachis accompany you on your way.”

On top of his recording success, Fernandez appeared in over 30 films, and every movie he appeared in was laced with his mariachi songs and covers of old “rancheras”.

Fernandez began his career as a musician and street performer and signed his first record contract with Mexico’s ZCBS Records back in 1966.

On top of the eight Latin Grammys, Fernandez also took home four Grammy’s, and he wrote some of the biggest hits in his genre.

Beloved Mexican Music Icon Vicente Fernandez Dies At The Age Of 81.


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