Begging For Pardons. Donald Trump Is Expected To Deliver “Get Out Of Jail Free Cards” To About 100 People By Noon On Wednesday.

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One upon arrival at Valley International Airport, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, in Harlingen, Texas, after visiting a section of the border wall with Mexico in Alamo, Texas. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It’s get out of jail for free day for many hopeful criminals. On President Trump’s final day of president, he is expected to pardon or commute the sentence of 100 or more people.

Trump’s term official expires at noon Eastern on Wednesday, and he should have his final list put together by then. At this point in the game, he may face some heat on who is on this final list, because many names you’ll hear about have had their lawyers and representatives Trump’s legal team for weeks.

Some of the more controversial names to watch for include Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Assange is the found over WikiLeaks who was indicted in 2019 on espionage charges.  Snowden is the fugitive who leaked secret files that revealed surveillance operations carried out by U.S. Security forces.

Trump has already granted clemency to over 90 people during his four years in office.

There is an official pardons office located inside the Department of Justice. In many instances, Trump has worked outside that office, granting pardons based on requests by people who were personally lobbying him on the behalf of someone hoping to be freed.

Bradley Moss is a national security attorney, who told USA Today that the final list Trump works off will have some names that would definitely be considered lightning rods. “There will likely be some nominally worthy candidates, such as nonviolent offenders who may have already served time and who most likely have some type of celebrity backer who has the ear of Jared Kushner.”

As for rumors that Trump might preemptively pardon himself, don’t count on it.

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