Is Dave Portnoy And Barstool Sports On It’s Way To Changing The Way Sports Are Consumed? You Bet.

Barstool Sports isn’t playing around. 

The sports website founded by Dave Portnoy made big news two weeks ago when they became the primary sponsor of the Arizona Bowl in Tucson on New Year’s Eve.  Not only did Barstool shock the bowl industry by jumping on board as sponsor, but they own the broadcast rights for the game and will feed it out on their website and digital sites. 

Sunday came news that the company is now going to open up their own line of branded sports bars, with the first two coming to Philadelphia and Chicago, widely considered two of the best and most passionate sports towns in the country. 

Expect a lot of betting lines, gambling info, and all things sports wagering, as Penn National Gaming owns 36% of Barstool Sports. 

Here’s what the CEO of PNG said about the expansion into sports bars. 

“We are making progress on the build out of stand-alone Barstool-branded sports bars, with the initial locations in Philadelphia and Chicago scheduled to open later this year.”

There’s much more on the horizon from Barstool, especially as it relates to the gambling space, with Barstool Sportsbook and iCasino app. 

The pandemic has led to an absolute boon in revenue for Barstool Sports. Their revenue for the year after COVID hit was $1.5 billion, which is a 10-figure increase from roughly three years ago. 

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