As Simon Cowell Once Famously Said: “What, The Bloody Hell, Was That?” The Greatest Golf Shot EVER Happened Tuesday At The Masters!

Here’s a story America needs, because it’s funny, incredible, uplifting and most importantly, has absolutely nothing to do with politics!

John Rahm is a PGA golfer who flies under the radar for the most part, considering the amount of success he’s had. A talented guy no doubt, he once spent 60 weeks ranked as the No. 1 amateur golfer in the world, and as a pro he rose to the world No. 1 ranking after winning the Memorial Tournament in July.

Well, based on what he did Tuesday at Augusta during a practice round leading up to the Masters, he’s about to become a lot more popular, famous and rich.

On Monday Rahm recorded a hole-in-one during a different practice session, and that fact alone would make the week memorable. Except on Tuesday, he woke up on his 26th birthday and proceeded to hit what might be the most incredible golf shot anyone has ever recorded on video. (If you think you’ve seen something better, send it to us because I want to see it.)

On the 16th hole of the most famous golf course in the world, Rahm sent a shot that literally walked on water. The golf ball skipped along the surface of the hazard before landing on the green. That alone would make it memorable, but the ball took a favorable bounce once it made contact with grass, and proceeded to weave it’s way like it was being guided by remote control, all the way into the cup for the most remarkable hole-in-one you could imagine.

Social media imploded, and the gallery lined to watch the best players in the world practice for the most iconic four-day tourney in the golf world, went absolutely bonkers. Wait. Oh yeah, it’s 2020. The most hellish year ever recorded, and of course, there were no fans there because of the pandemic. Of course.

Luckily, someone taped it and we’ll see if Rahm’s luck continues as the Masters tees off Thursday.


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