Are you ready to Attack? Solving for What

And what, is what I keep asking myself. What ELSE can I add into my life before the seams break!

It’s certainly a journey to say the least. Having 3 girls from 9yrs old to 17 months. Juggling the time commitments it takes to be effective between all the hats of #LIFE. Growing a strong business and personal finance brand, YouTube content creator, consulting service and WHY NOT, VT Post contributor. The #Game of life is not played in the grandstands. It’s played on the field but admittedly it can become like drinking from a firehose. I wondered for a few years as a new dad what I could do better to balance life out. I searched for books on these topics, I spoke to my friends that were int eh game like me. I even went for therapy. After much reflection and wise counsel I stumbled upon an acronym that has served me time and time again. 

1 acronym that has saved me from ripping at the seams; 


ASSESS, your current situation

ORGANIZE, get very clear and organized by writing it down or clearing out your space

ATTACK, nothing left to do but move forward and attack the day, week, month and year!

This acronym has helped me become a better Father, Husband and Entrepreneur. It’s made me grow in my personal fitness and get more in terms of impactful spiritually.

Hoping this quick post helps anyone in the VT Post world that is juggling a lot in life and can use an effective acronym!

Your fellow Warrior in Life

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