Apple Unleashes iPhone 12 – Disciples of Brand Should Like the Price & Speed

Today Apple announced it’s new iPhone 12 lineup, including some flashy new devices. The screen sizes range from 6.1’’ for the 12 Pro model to 6.7” for the 12 Pro Max. Anyone looking for a smaller device will be happy to hear about the new iPhone mini, coming in at 5.4”.

Invitations for Tuesday’s event included the greeting, “Hi, Speed,” highlighting Apple’s focus on the higher speeds achievable with new 5G wireless technology.  While the iPhone 11 currently supports top wireless speeds of 1.6 GB per second, Apple claims that its new devices will provide you with up to 4GB per second, if the carriers can keep up.

A highlight of today’s unveiling is the return of Apple’s new MagSafe magnetic charger, which comes with the iPhone 12. The device is circular in shape and magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12; the phone is a ring of magnets inside the back panel that secures the charger in the right position.

The iPhone 12 mini is going to receive a lot of attention.  The smaller size was achieved by removing the TouchID and replacing it with FaceID. In contrast to the small size, the $699 price tag isn’t so mini, but Apple claims it is the smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone in the world. The rest of the 12 lineup starts at $799.

Now the big question; when can you buy one? Mark your calendar for October 23rd, Apple says this is the date they will be released for sale.

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