Apple has done it again, how they created hype around its new smart bra

Photo copyright: Apple Newsroom

Just four days ago, Apple announced a new product through a press release. An unannounced release that sparked enough outrage, confusion, and love in the tech community to make it for Apple another perfect product launch. 

How Apple creates hype

  • Launch a product unannounced
  • Give the product a distinctively different look than its competitors
  • Prices it high enough to spark outrage

AirPods Max is the magic of Airpods Pro in an over-ear design for just 549 dollars that start shipping December 15. Although the over-ear headphone has a distinct Apple vibe most people talk about the “smart case” Apple designed for the product also known as the smart bra online. 

The price and the design of this smart bra are the main reasons for the attention to the product. 

$549 is a high price because the marked leader Sony with its WH-1000XM4 is priced at $299. In Europe, the Airpods Max is a painful 629 euros or $671 for which you can almost buy an iPhone 12 mini. 

Of course, in Apple fashion, even before the product starts shipping with enough pre-orders, the product is sold out for at least 12-14 weeks.

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