Antifa Shows Up At Trump Rally In D.C. That Turns Violent. 23 People Arrested And 4 Are Stabbed.

Supporters of President Donald Trump who are wearing attire associated with the Proud Boys attend a rally at Freedom Plaza, Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

The “Million MAGA March” drew tens of thousands to the nation’s capital in support of President Trump, who flew over the crowd in Marine One on his way to the Army-Navy football game on Saturday. Dan Scavino tweeted a picture of the crowd from inside Marine One and said, “THANK YOU, PATRIOTS.”

In addition to the presidential flyover, the rally also once again drew violence to the area, as the far-left group Antifa descended into the D.C. streets as the pro-Trump demonstrations ended.

The violence and confrontations seemed to escalate as members of Antifa squared off with members of the Proud Boys group, which was started by libertarian Gavin McInnes. The two groups align with ideals on the opposite side of the political spectrum and frequently come together to clash. 

On Saturday night members of Antifa and the Proud Boys squared off throughout the streets of D.C. By the end of the night, the Metropolitan Police Department said that at least 23 people had been arrested. Four people were stabbed and at least two police officers were injured and had to be hospitalized.

Social media was flooded with videos of the violence on Saturday night as users streamed the confrontations and violence. The videos also captured sounds of stun guns, fireworks and people coughing after reportedly inhaling pepper spray.

Police appeared to have a strong presence in the area and were often seen intervening quickly to keep the violence and clashes minimal.

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