Out Of This World! An Architecture Firm Is Drawing Up Real Plans To Build A City On Mars.

You’ve heard about the plans for a move to Mars? 

Now we have some idea what that could actually look like.

How about a vertical city – think housing climbing all the way up huge Martian cliffs – in a style that protects humans against the dangerous atmospheric effects likely to threaten life on a regular basis.

Plans are underway to build a sustainable city, with the blueprints released by architecture studio ABIBOO.

ABIBOO has offices around the world, including two in the United States.

A shuttle service between the planets, leaving every 26 months and taking one to three months, would run you about $300,000 – one way.

And what futuristic world would be complete without some really interesting city and region names?

Nüwa is the capital city’s name and one of five planned at something called Tempe Mensa.

The capital city is to be built into the side of a cliff, which would help with the atmospheric pressure and radiation. Inside the cliff is where most of the construction activity would be found, with ‘Macro-buildings’ excavated inside the rock.

ABIBOO wants to build from Mars materials, making life sustainable.

Designs for the space are based on scientific research from The Mars Society and the SONet network.

“We had to do a lot of analysis based on computing and working with the scientists to try to understand what are the circumstances that we will face,” Alfredo Muñoz, founder of ABIBOO, told Euronews.

Construction isn’t projected to begin until 2054 and move-in likely won’t be before 2100.

The population of the planned city would be 250,000.

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