Passing The Smell Test. Amazon Laying Down The Law On Drivers With Funky Fingernails Or Bad Breath.

A Ram van used for deliveries by Amazon waits for service at a Dodge dealership in this photograph taken Sunday, May 2, 2021, in Littleton, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Amazon has reportedly told the companies that manager their delivery drivers about some new rules they plan on enforcing, but let’s face facts here; if conforming to one of the new rules is a deal breaker for an employee, there might be some bigger issues that the driver may want to sort through first. 

Simply put, Amazon is demanding their drivers maintain an “acceptable level” of their personal grooming. 

Let’s get a little more detailed here. The checklist Amazon presented drivers with is “not limited to prevention of unpleasant breath or body odor, modest perfume/cologne, and clean teeth, face/ears, fingernails and hair.”

If a company had to address this situation and make rules about hygiene and grooming part of the employee expectations, there must have been some serious ear wax, bad breath and funky fingernail issues they’ve had to deal with. 

Another rule came to the forefront for drivers, which specifically deals with social media posts drivers make. Doing anything that would be considered obscene is a no no.  

Amazon has over one million employees but drivers are technically not employees of the tech behemoth. They are actually employed by thousands of delivery companies located throughout the country and contracted by Amazon through their Delivery Service Partners program. 

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