Was Alec Baldwin Interview A Smart Move? He Just Deleted His Twitter Account As Body Language Experts And Lawyers Chime In.

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria were prolific tweeters.  But just days after his sit-down interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC, where he denied any blame in the shooting death of the cinematographer on his film “Rust,” both Alec and Hilaria have deleted their Twitter accounts. 

Fans or followers of Baldwin’s popular @alecbaldwin are greeted with a message that says, “This account doesn’t exist.”

One of Baldwin’s final tweets on his official account was a tribute to former Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole. 

As for Hilaria, she may not be tweeting anymore, but she kept the ample supply of photos of her kids flowing to social media on her Instagram account Monday morning. 

If it’s impossible to imagine life not being able to DM the hot-headed actor, he still has what he calls his “social media phantom limb,” which is another verified account under his name at @alecbaldwin__.  He hasn’t mentioned anything about the death of Halyna Hutchins. 

As for whether the interview itself was a good idea, a body language expert who examined it told the New York Post that Baldwin exhibited “explosive” behavior and believed he was telling the truth about not being responsible for the shooting. 

Here’s what the expert said to the Post about his actions in the interview. 

“Baldwin’s shoulders and his head go forward [as he speaks]. Occasionally, when somebody is lying, they would retreat, the shoulders would come back, and their head would come back. Instead, he goes forward. 

 “[Going forward means] they want to be believed by the other person. [They’re saying] ‘You’ve got to listen to me,’ ‘You’ve got to believe,’ ‘I didn’t do this. I’m telling you the truth,

“He also maintains eye contact throughout most of what he’s saying, which would again indicate that he’s being truthful.”

According to numerous lawyers who commented, the interview was a risky gamble for Baldwin that could make matters worse for him since the shooting is an active criminal investigation. Two civil suits have already been filed. 

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