$28 For 1 Beer? Yes, It Was On The Menu At A Restaurant Inside LaGuardia Airport.

It’s safe to say everyone that travels knows that everyday items cost a whole lot more in an airport. 

But come on, a $28 beer?  

Oh yeah, it happened, at LaGuardia Airport in New York, and after a traveler tweeted a photo of the menu item in one of the airport’s restaurants on July 7, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey asked the owner of the restaurant to do an audit of their prices. 

OTG is the company, and a spokesperson tried to do a little damage control by saying they took the initiative of doing the audit on their own, and the sky price as all just a simple “mistake.”

Funny, they never seem to make mistakes of having too low of a price for items in airports. 

According to Business Insider, the traveler is named Cooper Lund, and he was taking a flight back to his home state of Minnesota when he saw a Sam Adams Summer Ale on the menu, with a price of $27.85 next to it. 

OTG explained that they accidentally listed a price for a 23-ounce drink, and to make amends to Lund, they offered to pay for his beers the next time he visited one of their locations. 

What about the people who didn’t raise a red flag, and actually paid that exorbitant price for one glass of beer. 

By the way, a six-pack of Sam Adams at your favorite grocery store will cost right around $10.  That’s for 144 total ounces!


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