Absolutely Positive–President Trump One of Many World Leaders With COVID-19

**FILE PHOTO** President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Covid-19. Cleveland Ohio, USA, 18th July, 2016 Future First Lady Melania Trump gets a hug and kiss from her husband Presidential candidate Donald Trump after she gave an address to the Republican National Nominating Convention from the podium in the Quicken Sports Arena Credit: Mark Reinstein/MediaPunch /IPX

The news was as sudden as it was shocking. The President and First Lady both testing positive for COVID-19, just days after a debate in Cleveland and campaign appearance in Minnesota. But while it is surprising, it certainly hasn’t been rare for a world leader to catch a case of COVID.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was one of the first leaders to test positive after underestimating the seriousness of COVID. However, after receiving proper care, he was able to combat the illness.

Similarly, Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, who minimized the seriousness of coronavirus by regularly disregarding social distancing rules and neglecting to wear a face mask in public, contracted the virus. Honduras president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, tested positive and recovered.

Although asymptomatic, Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko, contracted the virus in July. Also testing positive but experiencing no symptoms, was Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In September, the Guatemalan president, Alejandro Giammattei, joined the list of world leaders contracting coronavirus. However, his symptoms were not severe as he compared it to “a bad cold.”

Other world leaders to test positive include Jeanine Anez, the Bolivian interim president; Luis Abinader, president of the Dominican Republic; Isatou Touray, vice president of Gambia; Riek Machar, vice president of South Sudan; and Nuno Gomes Nabiam, prime minister of Guinea-Bissau. Officials across Iran, India, Israel and South Africa have tested positive, as well.

Although the great majority of world leaders who have tested positive for COVID have recovered, Junior Railways Minister Suresh Angadi of India died from the illness last week.

President Trump, who is 74 years old, said Friday he was experiencing only “mild symptoms” and has been feeling “energetic,” according to USA Today.

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