A Sign of These Divided (and Painful) Times

A southwest Michigan township worker is counting his fingers Thursday and making sure they are all still there after trying to move a razor blade–lined political sign that was apparently too close to the road. The worker, bleeding heavily, drove himself to a local hospital where he ended up receiving 13 stitches.

Political sign damage and removal has become a problem throughout the country in this current heightened and intense political climate. For some, that has meant taking matters into their own hands to catch those guilty of stealing or damaging the signs by setting up security cameras — and now, apparently, booby traps.

The signs belonged to the homeowner, who said she had several of her Trump campaign signs stolen and went out of town, and when she returned the signs were back in the yard. She also said she did not know about the razor blades, which had been taped to the sign. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting a full investigation.

Commerce Township Supervisor Dave Scott told WDIV 4 news that at first the worker thought he had received an electrical jolt. “He pulled over, reached down to grab it … He actually thought it was electrified. He jumped and let go of it, looked at his hand and realized he was bleeding aggressively.” Scott went on to say that the worker was not happy about the situation. “Very angry. Very upset. Why would someone set a booby-trapped sign to harm someone? A child could have picked it up.”

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to booby-trap yard signs, and it most likely won’t be the last, so your best advice is just to stay away from all political yard signs.

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