Are Americans Sick Of Home Work? A New Poll From Boston Business School Says “Not Realy.”

Do You Like Working From Home? If You Don’t, You’re In The Minority According To A Harvard  Business School Survey.

I’m not sure who was on the call sheet of a recent Harvard Business School Online survey about working remotely during the pandemic, but they apparently called a lot of “homies” based on the results published this week. 

1,500 people were surveyed in the study, and roughly 81% said they either don’t want to go back to an actual office or would prefer some sort of hybrid schedule going forward. 

According to the survey, 27% of employees want to keep working in their pajamas at home, while 61% want the option of working 2-3 days per week at home. 

Patrick Mullane, the Executive Director of the school broke down the findings like this.“I think it’s a combination of factors, like a Jekyll and Hyde, so to speak. We love working remotely in some ways; it gives us more time to focus, spend time with our families, and no long commutes back and forth to work.

“We found out that we can do a lot without having to be face-to-face as COVID really forced that issue.”

There were a couple other interesting nuggets from the survey that stood out. 

A vast majority of the people surveyed said they excelled and/or grew in their professions during the past year of the lockdown. 

If you’re wondering if anyone out there actually wants to put some real clothes on, and work out a real office? Well, yes, but only 18% polled want to go back full time. 

And 70% of those surveyed said they’ve enjoyed spending more time with the families, but would welcome a little more time with co-workers now. 

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