A New American Tradition? Popeye’s Rolling Out “Churkey” For Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving when you think Churkey, think Popeyes. That’s at least what some Miami-based Popeyes’ chains are hoping for this holiday season.

The Louisiana-style fried-chicken chain is teaming up with UberEats to deliver a turkey alternative this Thanksgiving in the form of a fried-chicken meal delivered in packaging shaped like a Thanksgiving Day cooked turkey. The eight-piece fried-chicken meal comes with one large side and four biscuits for $19.99.

For those traditionalists who just can’t embrace a Churkey, Popeyes will also be featuring a Cajun-style turkey that is marinated in Creole butter and comes precooked. Popeye’s is taking preorders for the Cajun-style turkey with prices starting at $39.99.

Popeyes has been seeing a brand resurgence of late after introducing its popular chicken sandwich last year. Same-store sales for the New Orleans-style chain have increased almost 20%.

Fast food restaurants as a whole have been one of the benefactors of changes to consumers habits during the pandemic. Quick service food for delivery has exploded as the coronavirus pandemic has kept people from going out.

Popeyes will most likely not be the only fast-food restaurant jumping into holiday season promotions this year. As lockdowns continue to impact a large portion of the country, Churkey’s and McRibb’s may be the new turkey and ham.

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