A First Class First Lady: Melania Trump Delivers Her Farewell Address.

Melania Trump is exiting as First Lady much like she entered, with poise, dignity and a sense of grace and style. 
With her days numbered inside the White House, Melania released a nearly seven-minute-long farewell address on Monday, that highlighted some of the charitable work she did and thanked numerous military service members, caregivers, law enforcement workers and others that touched her life since she became First Lady in 2017. “It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as first lady of the United States,” she said in the video message that was released on her official Twitter account. “I have been inspired by incredible Americans across our country who lift up our communities through their kindness and courage, goodness and grace.”
She touched on the coronavirus pandemic, which dominated her final year in the White House, and potentially cost her a chance of staying in the residence for four more years.  She also encouraged Americans to use caution and common sense to protect the most vulnerable now that COVID-19 vaccinations are available. 
Just like her husband, Melania Trump will not be on hand for the swearing in of Joe Biden on Wednesday during Inauguration Day. She and President Trump will be moving to their Mar-a-Lago report in Palm Beach, Florida, and moving trucks have been seen outside the residence this week, preparing for the arrival of the soon-to- be former First Couple. 

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