The World Needs More Gronk! Four Time Super Bowl Champ Sets A Guinness World Record.

The world, especially America, needs more Gronk.  

Tampa Bay Bucs superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski wakes up every day and wonders what he can do to have fun.  His joy is infectious, his energy is contagious, and he’s the living, breathing, epitome of having the exact opposite existence of the easily offended, politically correct crowd crowd that believes they are socially and intellectually superior to anyone who thinks or sees things a little different than they do. 

Those people send their day looking for a pity party.  Gronk spends his just looking to party.  

Friday, he created one in Tucson, Arizona.  He was on hand for the spring football game for his alma mater Arizona Wildcats in Friday, and served as an honorary captain for the game.

Gronk’s name is all over the NFL record books, now he wanted to have his name placed in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

He was attempting to catch a pass from a helicopter that was hovering 600 feet in the air! It would be a new world record. 

First-year head coach Jedd Fisch introduced Gronk to the team, and he came on to the field wearing his old number 48 jersey and pads that he wore playing for the Wildcats from 2007-2009. 

He took his spot midfield, and after two misses, he caught his third attempt, then spiked the ball in typical Gronk fashion as the scoreboard lit up saying “WORLD RECORD BROKEN!!!” as he was mobbed by the current team.

“Every time you step on the field you have to raise the bar another level, and I just raised the bar to this level!” Gronk screamed after making the catch.

Four Super Bowl titles, five Pro Bowls a WWE wrestling title and now a Guinness World Record.  

America needs itself a hell of a lot more Gronk!

(Watch the video below)

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