MLB Move To Take All-Star Game Out Of Georgia Called “Hypocritical.” They Require ID To Pick Up Tickets Republicans Point Out.

The weekend has been filled with Major League Baseball, but some in the GOP
are not embracing the sport because of its decision to pull the All-Star Game out
of Georgia.

The game, which was scheduled for Atlanta, will be played elsewhere after MLB
responded to calls to boycott the state of Georgia over its new voter-ID law.

A sticking point in the legislation was a photo ID requirement subsequently
criticized for voter suppression, but some saw hypocrisy because of an MLB ticket

  • Teams require fans to show photo ID to pick up their tickets from the Will Call
    South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace flexed her Twitter muscles in a post
    to her 36,000 followers“Hey @MLB, this you?” she wrote Saturday, along with a screenshot of the Will Call policy at

    That is, obviously, not an apples-to-apples comparison, as many commenters pointed out the MLB rule is not targeting a fundamental right. 

    “Lots of American citizens don’t have photo ID,” wrote one poster, “and, on balance, perhaps it makes sense to require one to pickup a $25 ticket. Different than a 14th amendment right to vote. Wise up!!”

    The league has not issued a comment on its photo ID policy for ticket retrieval.

    Democrats swept both Georgia Senate races in runoff votes following President Biden’s election victory.

    The Georgia election reform bill, among other measures:

    • Expands early voting days
    • Allows observation of ballot counting
    • Prohibits ballot harvesting
    • Continues to allow voters to cast absentee ballots without an excuse, but requires proof of identification.
    • Gives the State Election Board more authority over counties.
    • Blocks anyone from handing out food and drink to people waiting in line to vote.

    Former President Donald Trump called for a boycott of baseball; former President Barack Obama praised the MLB decision.


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