Just How Much Does Butt-Enhancement Surgery Cost? Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Are Building Some Of L.A.’s Sickest Mansions!

Most people with celebrity clientele like to keep the name’s of their famous customers quiet and out of the spotlight. Not the case for Los Angeles based cosmetic dermatologist Alex Khadavi, who lists Lance Bass and David Hasselhoff as two of his high-profile patients. 

Business has been very good for Dr. Khadavi lately, who has hundreds of civilian and celebrity clients that have been keeping him very busy doing botox injections, butt-enhancements and everything in between.  

Want proof how good business is? Just take a look at his $87.777 million dollar Bel-Air crib that he just put on the market…

The pandemic has not hurt the plastic surgery business, especially in L.A. 

Thanks to reality TV and the fact that celebrities need constant cosmetic tuneups, being a prominent plastic surgeon in BH is like being an insurance claims adjuster in Tornado Alley. You’re going to stay busy. 

And to the victors go the spoils.  Dr. Khadayi is making the media rounds showing off his elaborate $87.777 million Bel-Air mansion that features more perks and an amenities than an Amex Black Card.

According to the doctor, he got carried away on this home, and the results are stunning. 

After spending $16 million on the existing property in 2013, his plan was to spend an additonal $10 mill building a contemporary masterpiece on the lot.  Well, he kept spending more money, and making the house even more spectacular, eventually putting seven years and $30 million into the project. 

He gave an interesting analogy to the Wall Street Journal.  “It’s like when you go to a car dealership to buy a Toyota and they show you a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It’s like, ‘Hey, I want that one!’ You can’t pass it up.”

You know the home is over-the-top when it has a name.  Palazzo di Vista is what Dr. Khadayi calls his, and it comes with incredible, 360-degree  views that provide a glimpse of the San Gabriel Mountains to the Channel Islands, and the lights of L.A. in between. 

This is a party house. No, seriously, in the middle grand foyer there is a button on the wall, that when pushed, it opens up to reveal a DJ platform that arises on a hydraulic lift.  

Another button is for the smoke machines, which instantly distribute the ground level fog that transforms a normal floor into a “dance floor!”  What a perfect perk for anyone that wants to shake their newly enhanced butt to some killer dance music!

Dr. Khadayi went next-level modern on this home.  He installed a “mulstisensory” NFT art gallery where he showcases an NFT arc collection that is currently for sale.  Included are pieces by Ghost Girl and Bighead. (Look them up. It’s next-level performance art.)

The NFT art gallery is comprised of seven big screen indoor media displays that are strategically planted all over the house. Total cost:  $7 million. 

What else do you get for $87.777 million? How about a glass elevator that is positioned to make the riders feel they are plunging into a koi pond as it travels to the basement. 

There is also a champagne tasting room, movie theater, massage room, car museum and outdoor tequila bar. Did I mention it’s a party house? 

If you’re wondering why it’s priced at such a specific and odd number of $87.777 million? 7 is the doc’s favorite number. That’s how old he was when he and his family escaped Iran during he revolution. 

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