2020: In Memoriam

Tom Zenner here. I’m the Editor-in-Chief for Valuetainment’s exciting news site that we launched six months ago called VTPost.com.

Remember the year 2020? Oh, you’ve tried to get it out of your mind permanently? I can understand that. As crazy of a year that it was, it was historic, and I have a gift I wanted to give you:

It’s a beautifully-designed poster that visually brings to life every major moment of a year none of us will ever forget. It’s a true conversation starter. When it’s on your wall, it will stop traffic as people walk by, and it’s a great learning tool for kids as well.

Just click on the image above to download the poster for free.

Here’s one more thing. We have a VIP | Premium membership on our site, and it’s loaded with a number of perks, exclusive content, free gifts and upgrades.

One thing we provide is a weekly video to do one thing: “Make You Sound Smarter.”

I use our VTPost.com content to arm you with info that will make you sound smarter. It arrives in your inbox every Friday and prepares you to dazzle friends, family, co-workers and total strangers.

Please take a look at what that is like by clicking here.

I’d love to get you the new video every week, and all the other great deliverables that come with membership, and it’s only a buck a month.

Thanks and keep it up!