A 2,000 Car Pileup! The Fast & Furious Movie Franchise Has Destroyed A Whole Lot Of Vehicles Over The Years. 

Special effects can only create so much Hollywood magic. Sometimes the green screens have to be put put away and replaced by tow trucks. 

Take the Fast & Furious series, currently on its ninth installment and making money in theaters all over the world. Cars, car chases, car scenes are a big part of the storylines, even though the plots have become more reliant on spy themes, secret agencies and computer hackers. 

In the making of the movies, a whole lot of cars have been used for race and crash scenes, and whole lot of cars have been destroyed. The number is right around 2,000 to be exact, with the high coming in Fast & Furious 6, with 350 car casualties, and a low of 78 cars put to pasture in the first installment of the series. 

The most expensive car destroyed was valued at an incredible $3.5 million, a W Motors Lykan Hypersport. Remember the scene? It happened when the car was driven out of a high-rise in Abu Dhabi and crashed into a nearby building. 

Vin Diesel drives a Dodge Charger in the films, and numerous versions of it have been annihilated over the course of the series. 

The franchise has brought in over $6.2 billion at the box office  since the first movie debuted 20 years ago, but maybe more impressive than that is the fact that producers have green lit hundreds of millions of dollars in car carnage. 

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