2 Candidates, 1 Winner, 150+ Million Votes. Biden & Trump Spend Nervous Election Day Waiting.

More than 100 million Americans voted before Election Day, and tens of millions more will be at their local polling places Tuesday, as the most anticipated, heated and important election in decades takes place in the U.S.

Both President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are using every last minute to try to appeal to voters, especially in the key swing states that will decide the election.

Biden is making in-person appearances in Pennsylvania Tuesday, traveling to Scranton in the morning and Philadelphia in the afternoon. “I noticed that Biden went out, and I think he’s campaigning a little because he’s worried,” Trump said Tuesday morning.

President Trump took his Election Day message to the airwaves, appearing on the “Fox & Friends” morning show on Fox News, where he boldly showed off the math that he feels will lead him to a bigger victory than 2016. “I ended up with 306,” he said, referring to the Electoral College votes he received in 2016.”That was a good number. 223-306, and that was a big number, and I think we will top it. I’ll leave it at that. I think we’ll get better.”

As the day winds down, Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris plan on meeting in Wilmington, Delaware, to watch the election results on TV. The President will spend the day at the White House after spending the past 72 hours on the road nonstop, holding 14 rallies all over the country.

Both candidates know the importance of Pennsylvania. Most polls indicate Biden has a lead in the Keystone State, and there is almost no chance that the voting results from that state will be known by Tuesday night. Team Trump sees a path to victory that doesn’t include Pennsylvania and has not ruled out declaring victory if things work out the way they anticipate.

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