TP Or Not TP? Costco Is Expecting Panic Buying As They Put Limits On Toilet Paper Purchases Thanks To The Global Supply Crisis.

It’s the end of September. 

The official start of fall was just four days ago.  Halloween is 36 days away and it’s at least a month before Hallmark starts their around-the-clock Christmas movie blitz. 

But according to big retailers like Nike and Costco, now is the time to be thinking of something usually done in November and December; Christmas shopping. 

The global supply crisis is real, and it will impact Holiday shopping season so you may want to polish off your list ASAP. 

The port delays and container shortages are well documented.  It’s a logistics nightmare right now moving goods from Asia to Europe and the United States. 

According to Nike, 80% of their shoe factories in Vietnam are closed.  Over half of their apparel factories are down. Wall Street punished the athletic wear Gian as their shares dropped 6.3% Friday. 

With products taking 80 days to arrive when it normally would be 40 days, you can see why it’s not a bad idea to get a head start on shopping. 

There is great news however for anyone that loves the long lines that form at a Costco, when  it takes 30 minutes just to enter the store. That could be coming back, because once again Costco is putting a limit on how much toilet paper customers can buy. 

Yep, the global shortage is affecting TP, and panic buying will probably be ensuing across the country. 

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