Odd Glory! Mark Zuckerberg Posts Video Of Himself On An Efoil, Holding An American Flag, With A Music Track By John Denver Underneath.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – the unofficial king of the world’s social media movement – certainly must have suspected the reactions would not be terribly positive after his “surfing with a flag” video posted to Instagram on Sunday blew up the cybersphere.

Zuckerberg titled the video “Take Me Home,” and included iconic singer John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” song. He added “Happy July 4th!”

As for the “surfing” part of it, Zuckerberg is presumed to be riding a pricey electric surfboard called an Efoil, worth five figures.

A sampling of reaction:

“This is the worst thing that has ever existed,” –Twitter user.

“Zuck really doing his part to make tech founders seem normal.” –Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of enterprise cloud company Box.

“That guy’s instinct for finding the maximally douchey thing to do at every juncture is almost admirable. He never misses!” — David Roberts (@drvolts).

“What a difference 5 years can make.” — Australian journalist sharing a photo from 2016 of Zuckerberg on a jog in Beijing when he was angling to earn favor with the Chinese government and operate Facebook there.

“When you get your antitrust lawsuit thrown about by a judge. Let’s GOOOOO Zuck.” –User referencing last week’s decision by a federal judge to dismiss antitrust complaints against Facebook.

Of course, this could just be a 37-year-old guy promoting himself (and his company) for fun.

Perhaps best summarizing the Zuckerberg post – and social media in general, @leahmcelrath told her 138,900 Twitter followers: “Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of himself on Instagram wakeboarding while holding an American flag and set to the music of the late John Denver singing ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads.’

“I saw it, so now you have to see it too. I’m sorry. I did not make the rules. Happy #July4th.”

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